The new album 'The Age of Fracture' out now
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Noisey premiere new Big Ups video for ‘Justice’


Noisey have premiered the new video for ‘Justice’ by Big Ups. Directed by Stephen Tringali, it channels a kind of Cold War aesthetic, which all things considered, feels appropriate right now.

With Jabberwocky having been cancelled, Big Ups play a free show with Ought at the Old Blue Last tomorrow night. On stage at 8pm. Full details here. First come first serve.

'Justice' is taken from the album Eighteen Hours of Static, out now. Buy it below:

Some pics taken by kenami for prefixmag at our NYC show on the first night of the last tour

Last night in Vancouver. We had a blast thanks everyone for coming. Now time to hop on a plane home. America, we’ll be back soon xx

Capitol Hill Block Party 2014, Seattle. Thanks to Glen (bearded) for everything

Portland to Seattle. America we love you… CHBP photos from Seattle coming soon

Drove 480 miles north from SF, stopped off and swam in the lakes of Mount Shasta. Next stop tonight: PORTLAND

Short but sweet in SF, amazing city. Thanks to the Rickshaw Stop for having us and thanks to everyone who came to see the show

LA part II.

CYMBALS in Los Angeles for the first time, perfect start to our journey up the west coast.

Photos by Karis Mackenzie -

We are here, we are somewhere. 

I won’t lie: there was so much adversity that it was hard not to be superstitious. 

But other things have just worked out perfectly. 

No plateaus. 

The thing is: to bring these songs closer to you all, sing at you and near you.  Since The Age of Fracture came out, we know you are all there, you come say hi, have a dance, I can see these songs mean something to all of you like us. 

They might mean different things to you and us but I don’t control any of that so we can celebrate it all.

So over this week we are driving from LA to Vancouver and playing 5 shows, and the photographer Karis Mackenzie is coming with us in the tour bus, and we’ll be putting photos up and writing a bit up here too.

It’s our first time playing music in all these places, so we’re excited and nervous. 

There’s also the road and sleeping in different places and being kind of disconnected and lost but together and living and breathing the songs.

Concert Recap: Cymbals →


I was curious about what Cymbals had to offer at a live show, especially after loving their album (The Age of Fracture) throughout the year. Add in the fact that my friend Luke Carson was now part of the band and there was no way that I was going to miss their show at Pianos. It unexpectedly…